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Grin & BARE It

Waxing for Girls & Guys


Bikinis 10% OFF & Brazilians 15% OFF 

Every 3rd Saturday of the Month!!!

Next date: 12/16/2023
Don't miss the chance to Dare to go Bare. 

Call/Text TODAY for your appt.



Although Angelic Moon has a full menu of waxing services, Brazilian waxing is our specialty. We use only premium, super-elastic  hard wax, designed to remove both coarse and fine hair. In keeping with our "green" culture (and to make your experience Fun) our wax has  beautiful incandescent bio-degradable glitter in it!

What you can expect during your waxing visit:

          A clean, thoroughly sanitized environment.

         *  A level of professional, holistic, personal care that you won't find  anywhere else.

         *  A relaxing & soothing treatment space.

Our waxing clients return again and again to experience the serene, stress-reducing "Zen" atmosphere.

Why Get Waxed?

Women and men want to get waxed for all the same reasons: comfort, appearance and hygiene. Feeling fresh and looking good is important to everyone. And, being Free of body hair in the summer heat is a bonus!

See the full waxing list below "Tips for Going Bare"

About Our Wax

Our beautiful iridescent wax mirrors the hues of the sun-kissed Atlantic ocean, that surrounds us here in the Florida Keys. It is Vegan-friendly, gentle, and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth; designed to stick to hair NOT skin!

Introducing the BRO-Zilian 

​​Brazilian waxing is not just for the girls. Guys like to feel clean and smooth too! 

No longer is male Brazilian waxing strictly for athletic performance, medical conditions, or religious practices. More men are waxing now simply to look good, and feel smooth & fresh.

Dare To Go BARE

Tips for Going Bare:

Hair growth should be no longer than 1/4 - 1/2 inch or no more than three weeks growth, for easier removal.

EXFOLIATE with a scrub, loofah, or mitt 1-2 days before getting waxed. 

Taking Ibuprofen 2-hours before your appointment is a good idea (especially if you're a "newbie") to minimize the pain.

Avoid the hot tub, sauna & any vigorous activity for 24 hours after your appointment, to avoid irritation.

DO NOT Shave between waxing appointments.

Brazilian - starts at $110

Includes front, butt strip and cheeks.

    Butt Strip (only)      $75

Bikini - starts at $50

"Triangle" - includes below the tummy area and crease of the legs.

Back - starts at $70

From the nape of the neck down to lower back. Price varies with amount of hair.


Clean-Up    $30

Shaping       $35

Arms & Legs

Forearms            $35

Full Arms            $45

Underarms         $35

Lower Legs        $55

Full Legs             $75

Toes & Feet        $30

Nose           $30
Lip               $25
Chin             $25
Full Face      $65
(nose, lip, chin & cheeks)

What our customers are saying... 

Glad I found a professional, convenient place!

Mike F. - Big Coppitt Key, FL

I love your technique and the ambiance. The dedication and care that is practiced during my session is incomparable.

Dalea L. - Little Torch Key, FL

Did a fantastic waxing job!

Denise P. - Cudjoe Key, FL

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