"Sound can change our immune function. After either chanting or listening to certain forms of music, your Interluken-1 level, an index of your immune system, goes up between 12 and a half and 15 percent. Not only that, about 20 minutes after listening to this meditative type music, your immunoglobin levels in your blood are significantly increased. There’s no part of our body not effected. Even our heart rate and blood pressure are lowered with certain forms of music. So, it affects not only our soul and our spirit, but it affects us on literally a cellular and sub-cellular level." 

 Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD


"...we are talking about an energy that not only enters our ears and our brains and is able to affect our nervous system, but which also goes into our cellular structure and has the ability to rearrange our molecules."

                                               Jonathan Goldman