September 1, 2019


You’re thinking “There must be some mistake! How can the words tasty and detox possibly be in the same sentence???” Typically the practice of removing toxins from the  body involves consuming bitter liquid concoctions with strange aromas, followed by  contorted facial expressions and a deep regret that you even began the process. At best, it’s an unpleasant experience. At worst, it’s an experience that you’ll never attempt again. In the Keys tradition of not doing anything you don’t like doing there’s literally a more palatable alternative detoxification method. This is part of my edible and highly enjoyable detox line, which contains a few yummy detoxifying ingredients that are probably present in your own backyard.


My personal favorite is probably mango – juicy, sweet and detoxifying. Here are just a few of the ways it helps to rid the body of toxins:

  • Mango alkalizes the body (rich in citrus, tartaric & malic acids)

  • Regulates diabetes (mango leaves regulate insulin levels)

  • Fights cancer (rich in antioxidants that protect body from leukemia, breast, prostate and colon cancer)

  • Balances cholesterol (rich in vitamin C, pectin and potassium)

  • Boosts digestion and burns calories (contains protein reducing enzymes & dietary fiber)

  • Strengthens immune system (contains 25 varieties of carotenoids)

  • Prevents night blindness and dry eyes (rich in vitamin A)

  • Improves memory and concentration (rich in glutamine acid)

  • Reduces risk of developing kidney stones (contains a physically cooling energy)

  • Promotes female health during pregnancy and menopause (rich in iron & calcium)

  • Increases male virility, regulates sex hormones & boosts sex drive (rich in vitamin E)

  • Promotes weight loss (the fibrous fruit burns calories)

Who can resist the flavor of sweet and sour? As a rich source of potassium, magnesium, protein, iron, phosphorus and niacin, tamarind offers health benefits that are equally irresistible:

  • Prevents constipation – (high source of fiber promotes digestion & elimination)

  • Strengthens bone – (rich in magnesium)

  • Controls blood pressure – (rich in potassium)

  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums – (contains vitamin C)

  • Prevents anemia – (rich in iron). Excellent for menstruating women.

Habanero Pepper
And last, but perhaps most effective at detoxing is the Habanero pepper. This has got to be the hottest variety of all chili peppers, but if you can stand the heat, the flavor is amazing. The heat however is what gives it its detoxifying and healing properties. It contains a chemical known as capsaicin which is used to treat the following medical disorders:

  • Prostate Cancer – (capsaicin administered to mice slowed the growth of human prostate cancer cells)

  • Obesity – (capsaicin raises body temperature which increases metabolism that burns fat cells).

  • Reduces cholesterol and blood pressure – (capsaicin has been shown to reduce only bad cholesterol and high blood pressure NOT good cholesterol or normal blood pressure)

  • I’m not certain how these wonderful ingredients originally came to the Florida Keys, but they are all here and easily accessible. Therefore, so is the wellness they impart. In other words, you have a wealth of “medicine” just for the taking right here on your own little island. 

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