May 4, 2019


We locals consider the one hundred mile span of Florida Keys as one big island. Our backyard and playground consists of the Gulf of Mexico on one side, with the Atlantic Ocean on the other. No matter which Key you visit (or where you're coming from) our island is the perfect place to retreat and “unplug” from your less than perfect life. There's something about the sunshine, salt air, turquoise/green water, coral reef, and summer season that brings a magical feeling of freedom when you put it all together. Visitors retreat to our island throughout the year however, summer more than any other time of the year brings an inherent feeling of abandon and release. Whether you're a visitor or a local resident allow yourself to experience the freedom of a summertime retreat on our awesome island. Here's how...


Run “buck wild”! Allow yourself to have new experiences on the water

and land, indoors and out. Our island has dozens of options for all.


Enjoy each day of summer while it lasts. Although it may not feel like it

the days actually start getting shorter the day after the summer

solstice occurs.


Take the time to play. Having fun is necessary for our physical and mental

health. You don't have to be a kid to play. You just have to remember how

to have fun. Don't despair if you can't recall; charter boat captains,diving

instructors, tour guides and even flight instructors can show you how.


Routine should be set aside. Give your phone, laptop, i-pad, notebook (or

whatever device you have) a rest. If you absolutely must make a few

calls try sitting in the dappled shade underneath a poinciana tree, or by

the scenic shore to do so.


Ease into your daily activities, both physically and mentally. On our island we don't rush, and there's no need for you as our guests to rush either. Your body and your mind will appreciate your slowed pace.


Act like a kid again; remembering and practicing the things that brought

you pure and simple joy. That beanie with the propeller on top won't look

strange here. Go for it.


Throw caution to the wind and dare to be yourself. Our island is known

for bringing out the best in people and creating lasting healthy change.

From Key Largo to Key West unplug, press play, press repeat, and be



For a purposeful retreat anytime of the year check out Angelic Moon Well-Being Retreats; @angelicmoonspa and #angelicmoonretreat on Instagram.


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