Seventeen Minutes With An Angel

December 10, 2018



As the holiday season descends upon us angels can be found everywhere; in TV movies, onstage in live theater, adorning department store windows, and on the living room floor when it's time to pull out the Christmas decorations. They are a welcome sight and full of holiday tradition. If you believe in the existence of guardian angels they too can be welcomed into your living room, with a quick and simple meditation. Holiday preparations and festivities involving work, travel, family and friends can be stressful. There's good and bad stress. Either way, when the stress becomes too much sit down and call on your personal angel(s) to assist, using the following:


17 Minute Angel Meditation

  • Candle – light the candle when you begin your meditation and be certain to extinguish it when you are finished.

  • Loose sage – place a few leaves in the shell, light them & blow out the flame. Allow the smoke to circle the room to cleanse your surroundings.

  • Abalone shell – use this or a bowl that won't burn.

  • “Angel's Breath” spray mist – spray above your head, or spray in front of you and step into the mist.

  • Two Seraphenite gemstones. Seraphenite is the healing stone of the angels. Place one in each hand as you meditate.

  • A quiet space and comfortable chair. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor, as you contemplate calm, energy, strength, etc. while you silently Thank your angels for coming to assist you.

  • Music (optional)

Seventeen minutes is all that is needed to send your thoughts out into the universe, and connect with your guardian angel(s). If you're worried about being able to “meditate” or sit still for this amount of time think of it as prayer time; time when you connect with your higher power to ask for help or guidance. If you're concerned that your mind will wander, it will. However it will also eventually return to your present surroundings and what you desire to focus on. The more you do this the more adept you will become at focusing your thoughts, and staying focused on them. When planning and scheduling time for your meditation decide beforehand what it is you that you need to accomplish during your quiet time. Do you simply want to be in the midst of angels and feel their presence? Are you calling forth a particular angel to assist you? Are you asking for your guardian angel(s) to assist you with a specific challenge or circumstance? Whatever the case, being clear about why you are meditating helps to keep your mind on the matter which helps you to achieve your goal.

Remember, “you can't get what you want 'til you know what you want.”

Wonderful things that can't be explained happen every day to everyday people. Should we label this as purely coincidence or, is there a band of angels out there somewhere working on our behalf? Ultimately you'll have to decide for yourself. Personally I prefer believe the latter perspective. After all, I can use all of the help that I can get. Can't you?


Find meditation supplies and Angel's Breath spray mist at Angelic Moon on Cudjoe Key, and on our “APOTHECARY online” Etsy page.




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