Everyone has guardian angels. Fast-Track your desires with the help of yours. Spray and surround yourself with ANGEL'S BREATH Meditation Spray Mist, welcome [Thank] your angels, and focus on your desires. Commune with your personal guardian angel or the angel of your choice to:

Center your energy. De-stress after a productive or challenging day. Reduce daily stress-related anxiety. Ask for Divine help or Universal guidance. Be in the midst of angels & feel their presence. Co-create your Life. Manifest your desires. Calm your Spirit.

  • 100% organic and cruelty-free ingredients.

  • Recyclable cobalt- blue glass bottle naturally preserves freshness and integrity of ingredients.

  • The intention-infused gemstones in each bottle can be re-used for meditation, crystal therapy, Reiki, etc.


  • A portion of sales helps provide Oncology Massage for underserved populations.