Angelic Moon Holistic Day Spa is your "GREEN" day spa in the Florida Keys. Step inside to RELEASE your stress, RESTORE your balance and RESURRECT your greatness!


Angelic Moon has been coined “A Haven for Healing” and we would like to partner with you to heal your mind, body & spirit. Our holistic and natural approach takes the whole person into consideration. We don’t just talk about the mind, body and spirit connection. We actually provide a menu of holistic services to strengthen it.
At the ONLY certified-green day spa throughout the Florida Keys you will find natural, certified organic, and fair-trade ingredients in a variety of treatments, and our earth-friendly consciousness doesn’t stop there. We have a holistic approach which includes the whole person as well as their environment.

Our environmentally conscious and ecologically-friendly attitude is evident upon arrival. Solar lighting illuminates the exterior, while compact fluorescent lighting fills the interior. Indigenous plants welcome you at the entrance. Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint adorns the walls which contributes to healthy indoor air quality, and reduces possible allergy concerns. Your décor is an inviting, eclectic blend of recycled, re-purposed and re-used furniture. Your towels and linen are made from certified organic cotton, and bamboo. Even the cleaning products that maintain your healthy and sanitary spa environment are formulated with natural (plant) ingredients, to protect you and the outside environment. Biodegradeable supplies are used during your treatment and throughout the spa, including biodegradeable pens to complete forms with. To further reduce our carbon footprint  a full menu of services is listed on this website. Limited copies of paper menus printed on recycled paper are available to those without access to the internet.


Your green day spa is the ONLY one of its kind (green/holistic) in the Florida Keys.